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The product exchange or return policy

The product exchange or return policy

Below is the product exchange/return policy which SSC applies for all customers including the retailing systems:


In the aim of protecting benefit for the customer and contribute to upgrade the quality of the after- sales service. SSC supports the customers to exchange other similar product if the product that we offered appears the faults and cannot find the solution (due to the manufacturer’s faults). The product is only accepted to exchange in the following circumstances.



  1. The product is only accepted to exchange immediately after the product is delivered to the customer’s warehouse and at that moment, the customer discovers the product with the faults and the differences compared with the product as agreed.
  2. The SSC ELECTRIC CAR’s stamp or the manufacturer’s stamp on the product must be all in one piece, not separate or glue
  3. The faults will be checked and defined by SSC or manufacturer’s technicians.
  4. The product must be kept as the original, the customer is not allowed to repair or replace any parts without the acceptance of SSC or manufacturer’s technicians.
  5. The product doesnot have the appearance faults such as: scratched, broke, deformed, stained, etc.)
  6. The returned product will be got back all relating documents (purchasing document, VAT Invoice if any, Warranty Certificate, User Manual, etc.)


  1. The product is changed the design and the parts without the acceptance of the SSC or manufacturer’s technicians
  2. The customer does not operate in accordance with the instruction which causes the damages for the products.
  3. The customer does not adhere to the warranty regulation.
  4. The customer causes the scratch or the break
  5. The product will not be accepted for the exchange or return in the reason of the scratch, deformation or stain after checked and accepted by the customer


IV.             steps for the exchange and return procedure

  1. The customer can directly contact us as the information on website: or via email or via SSC’s dealer

After the product damage caused the manufacturer’s technical fault is confirmed and cannot solve it immediately. The exchange and return will be carried out as the regulation of SSC and the manufacturer.

  1. Exchanging and returning will be conducted within 7 days from the date of acceptance and receiving all relating documents from the customer


The product exchange or return policy
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