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Marshell | Xe tải chở hàng DT series

Manufacturer: Marshell
Model: DT series
Origin: Lắp ráp trung quốc


Model DT-6 DT-8 DT-12
Passenger capacity: 2 2 2
Battery: 6V 216AH/220AH/225AH*8pcs or 12pcs 6V 216AH/220AH/225AH*8pcs or 12pcs 6V 216AH/220AH/225AH*12pcs
Motor: 72V5KW/48V4KW 72V5KW/48V4KW 72V5KW/72V7.5KW
Controller: DC 72V400A/48V500A DC 72V400A/48V500A DC 72V400A/72V300A
Charger: 72V/48V input voltage 72V/48V input voltage 72V input voltage
Max.Speed: 28km/h 28km/h 28km/h
Max.travelling range: 60km/50km 60km/50km 60km
Climbing capacity: 15% 15% 15%
Brake Range: ≤5m ≤5m ≤5m
Minmum Turning radius: 4.2m 5.3m 5.3m
Gross weight: 1420kg 1470kg 1585kg
Max. loading weight: 1T 1.2T 1.2T
Steering: recirculating-ball with power steering recirculating-ball with power steering recirculating-ball with power steering
Brakes: four wheels hydraulic braking system four wheels hydraulic braking system four wheels hydraulic braking system
Tire: 165R13LT 8PR 94/92S 165R13LT 8PR 94/92S 165R13LT 8PR 94/92S
Ground clearence 130mm(full load) 130mm(full load) 130mm(full load)
Loading Quantity of trash cans 6 8 12
Overall dimension: 4010*1550*1950mm 4570*1550*1950mm 4570*1800*1950mm
Qty per container: 1pc/20GP 2pc/40HQ 1pc/20GP 2pc/40HQ 1pc/20GP 2pc/40HQ
Standard parts: Front and rear lights, Rear view mirrors, Wiper Front and rear lights, Rear view mirrors, Wiper Front and rear lights, Rear view mirrors, Wiper
Optional parts: Doors of cabin, Rear hydraulic lift panel, Closed rear trunk,

Top alarm light, Media player, Fan

Doors of cabin, Rear hydraulic lift panel,

Closed rear trunk, Top alarm light, Media player, Fan

Doors of cabin, Rear hydraulic lift panel, Closed rear trunk,

Top alarm light, Media player, Fan

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